‘Transylvania Lactate’ combines a set of unique dairy product made from buffalo milk and the forests, hills and people of Transylvania – a special breed in a special land as it establishes itself on the map of 21st Century European rural life.

Enchanted by the idea of establishing a buffalo farm located in the historical triangle formed by the fortified Transylvanian Saxon cities of Rupea, Fagaras and Sighisoara, a group of investors from the United Kingdom agreed to support a successful attempt to preserve the local tradition of buffalo breeding. In recent years the number of buffalo, an animal long associated with the area, has been found increasingly infrequent in small farms in the area – however the local expertise in buffalo breeding and dairy production remained. Capitalising on the outstanding nutritional benefits of buffalo milk, with high levels of vitamin A and minerals, with 40% less cholesterol and 60% more calcium than cow milk, and building on the appetite in consumers for healthy dairy products, the decision to develop the farm and dairy came naturally.

Connoisseurs of buffalo milk products know that modern production techniques should include local traditions and experience to produce a range of delicious products including mozzarella, yogurt, burratta, cheese and sour cream.  Transylvania Lactate products capture 100% of the healthy and nutritious qualities of the buffalo milk, accompanied by the aroma of sweet meadow hay from Transylvania and our farm in particular.

Transylvania Lactate uses a fully integrated concept starting with environmentally sustainable farming: livestock owning and keeping, making our own animal food locally, our own dairy production and processing, down to product distribution. Through this integrated concept we carefully capitalize on the nutritional benefits and great taste of buffalo dairy products, with a commitment to provide “excellence in taste”.

We have consulted with and are being periodically counselled by renowned specialists in buffalo farming and dairy production from Italy, England, The Netherlands, Greece and Romania ensuring that our modern farming and production system, balanced with traditional local knowledge,  corresponds with EU health and quality standards.

We hope that our drive to achieve high quality production, our delight in the taste and quality our Transylvania Lactate products will help you to include us on your list of preferred products.

With love and good taste,

Transylvania Lactate

Excelenţa Gustului