In order to be maintain the quality of our buffalo dairy products we organise our production in such a manner that we can carefully control each phase in the chain from the farm to the fork, from the harvesting of alfalfa from our meadows to the delivery of our high quality products to a wide range of consumers.

Our buffaloes are a Romanian breed, meek but massive, with slightly curly hair and powerful horns, thriving on fresh alfalfa and hay. At Transylvania Lactate each buffalo has a name, is allowed to move freely throughout the hills, is fed with carefully cultivated fodder, harvested or selected by ourselves. Sometimes they listen to music, depending on the weather and mood, but every day they hear the bells from the fortified churches of Transylvania.

The Transylvania Lactate products are created from 100% buffalo milk, obtained exclusively from buffaloes from our farm in Meschendorf. The natural fodder used to feed our buffaloes is produced on our own farm. We are happy to find in our forage a range of grasses and flowers that speak of the biodiversity of this habitat and we want to maintain their flavours as much as possible in the milk which goes into our Transylvania Lactate products.

In our entire dairy production circuit, veterinary treatment is limited to what is strictly required to comply with national and EU laws. This helps ensure the milk used in production is of exceptional quality from a nutritional and microbiological point of view. We consider this standard as essential to the quality of our Transylvania Lactate products.

The milk from our Meschendorf buffalo herd is transported daily to the dairy unit in Rupea, just 30km (19 miles) from the farm. Transylvania Lactate has processing and storage space, with automatic temperature control, state-of-the-art machinery and production facilities equipped to comply with national and EU standards. Production teams are carefully trained and managed. In this facility we own and operate a well-equipped laboratory, which provides product analysis in each phase.

The production lines are fully automated, but some products require manual processing in order to conform to our traditional recipes. Transylvania Lactate has a fleet of vehicles that can meet their daily delivery quota of fresh produce on certain routes.

In Transylvania Lactate we place great emphasis in maintaining the freshness, quality and taste of our products through careful production, packing and delivery. With a modern diary production and processing system, the way we handle the production lines and stocks, but also with our location in the geographical centre of Romania, we can say that we occupy a great place in the time honoured “farm to fork” tradition.

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