The Transylvania Lactate products come from the gentle Transylvanian green hills in northwest Romania, where the locals live a full and happy life, harmoniously blending history and tradition with the love and care they feel for the nature around them.

With Transylvania Lactate, we are happy to balance the historical tradition of buffalo breeding, going back hundreds of years, with a modern, healthy and very tasty range of dairy products. Each product is based on traditional recipes using traditional knowledge and modern technologies.

Buffalo milk from our herd is used to produce a range of products (e.g. mozzarella, yoghurt) which are carefully assessed during all stages of production and monitored throughout their distribution route. We use modern technological standards in one of the most beautiful and well protected cultural and natural areas of Romania.

Containing high levels of vitamin A and minerals, with 40% less cholesterol and 60% more calcium than cow milk, buffalo dairy products support the development of a strong and healthy teeth and bone structure, while, at the same time, help strengthen the immune system.

It is clear that, apart from their nutritional and curative qualities, Transylvania Lactate products are part of the unique European taste experience. Eaten on their own or combined with breakfast cereals and fruit, on pizza or combined with tomatoes and olive oil, we believe that our Transylvania Lactate products can help make life better and tastier.

And last but not least, our “excellence in taste” is offered in an attractive and premium package.

We invite you to enjoy them,

Transylvania Lactate

Excelenţa Gustului