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Natural product without artificial ingredients
High calcium content
Boosts the immune system
High content of vitamin A
High nutritional value

The buffalo milk based sour cream produced by Transylvania Lactate has a wonderful aroma of herbs and plants gathered from the nearby hills where we grow our own food for the buffaloes.  We adore it!


Buffalo cream, carefully selected lactic cultures.

Nutritional Values:
Energy Value 245kcal (1026kj)
Fats 25g
of which, saturated fatty acids 14g
Carbohydrates 2.2g
of which, sugars 2.2g
Proteins 3.5g
Fibres 0g
Salt (natural milk salts) 0.08g
Calcium 146mg
Allergens: contains milk lactose

It is clear that, apart from their nutritional and curative qualities, Transylvania Lactate products are part of the unique European taste experience.

Excelenţa Gustului