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Natural product, no artificial ingredients
Low in cholesterol
Rich in protein and calcium
Helps the digestive process
Boosts the immune system

With a strong taste and a full body, the yoghurt produced by Transylvania Lactate by a Greek recipe, in its 10% fat version, should be served with appetite and relish straight from the jar, to gently cover or subtly infiltrate dishes based on vegetables and meat. This product is designed to satisfy the most recent developments and demands on the dairy market, considering that we are retaining in our applied technology the charm and proportions of the traditional composition.


Buffalo milk, buffalo cream, carefully selected lactic cultures.

Nutritional Values:
Energy Value 120kcal (502kj)
Fats 10g
of which, saturated fatty acids 6g
Carbohydrates 3g
of which, sugars 3g
Proteins 4.6g
Fibres 0g
Salt (natural milk salts) 0.1g
Calcium 195mg
Allergens: contains milk lactose

Transylvania Lactate Yoghurt is made from our buffalo milk using modern production techniques and traditional knowledge resulting in a rich and creamy texture and taste. We produce a standard (10% fat) version and a lower fat (5% version).

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